14 Podcasts That Will Make You Think

Podcasts are slowly taking over. Talk radio, while still broadcasting live and over terrestrial airwaves, has finally begun to embrace it. Only a few short years ago paid subscriptions were required to listen to your favorite news/talk shows on demand and podcasts seemed the poorly produced bastard brother. Now, after years of pioneers like Adam …

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Ready For Chillary!

So Hillary is trying to reach out to younger voters and in a recent Vine talked about how she was “chilling” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was lame of course and on the advice of Amy Otto, I spruced it up and here it is: Trouble!

A New Hope For Greece?

With Greece humiliated at the hands of the evil banksters, the Troika, the ECB, Merkel, and other EU nations at the horror of paying back money their politicians borrowed for promises they couldn’t keep (which can never really be paid back, anyway)… After the IMF (allegedly) called for Tsipras to resign his position as prime minister… Who can Greece …

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Bubba Watson and The General Lee

In the newest round of pilers on to the ex post facto Confederate Flag outrage, pro-golfer Bubba Watson has announced that he will deface a significant piece of The Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia that he owns post-haste, because he truly believes all persons are equal and this action will absolve him of historical guilt: Ostensibly …

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‘District of Corruption’ Doesn’t Let Administrations Off the Hook

Almost every politically engaged person to the right of center recognizes the unprecedented level of corruption in the Obama administration. Honest leftists must also admit to it. Sometimes it seems that one scandal emerges only to distract us from the previous one. It is almost impossible to remember all of them. Fortunately, Judicial Watch has …

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Free Markets Work – Walmart Hikes Wages

Without coercion, statute, administrative ruling, or other fiat, Walmart has decided to #raisethewage to half a million of its employees: Discount retail giant Wal-Mart (WMT) will give a half million employees pay raises, the company said Thursday. The retailer also reported a mixed quarterly report. The move ensures hourly associates earn at least $1.75 above today’s …

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