Obama and Hillary’s Video Outrage: Only When It Offends Terrorist Islamists

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were quick to blame Benghazi and the killing of the US Ambassador and other Americans on a Youtube video that was critical of Mohammad.

Yesterday, ISIS released a video of the beheading of American photojournalist James Wright Foley.  The ISIS savage then threatened to behead Steven Sotloff, another American journalist.

White House spokesman, Eric Schultz, said that Obama was briefed on the video and “he will continue to receive regular updates.”  How very telling.  How is he not immediately outraged? Did this news disrupt his golf game? Was he getting updates in the clubhouse?

Why is it that Hillary and Obama had more concern and outrage over a video which offended terrorists who killed our Ambassador than a video of one of these brute savages beheading an American? The rest of America was both enraged and sickened.  Where was the immediate and vocal condemnation from our President?

Is Hillary too busy with her book tour or making $225k speeches at public universities?  Or is Obama too busy golfing and fundraising to care.

Let’s be honest.  These folks don’t care.  This situation makes both of them look inexperienced, manipulative and heartless.  It highlights the point that they were more concerned with deflecting the blame on Benghazi and appeasing terrorists than they are about the video of a beheading of an American citizen.

The President inserts himself into situations that he can make about him.

  • If he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.
  • He gave the Queen of England an Ipod of his own speeches.
  • He turned Nelson Mandel’s memorial into a selfie photo op.
  • He promoted a picture of himself sitting in Rosa Parks’ seat for the anniversary of her stand against discrimination.

But, there is no way he can make this situation about himself without looking incompetent.

Their words about this video will never match the press circuit tour the Obama Administration did in the fall of 2012 to blame a Youtube video in an attempt to shield them from their complete incompetence in Benghazi.  Why was that so important?  Was it because Americans were killed at the US Embassy or was it because it could have affected Obama’s reelection?

This wouldn’t have happened in this manner if the White House and then Secretary Clinton hadn’t waged a public relations battle against him to deflect blame away from them.

They blamed a video that ultimately had nothing to do with the death of those four Americans.

Yet, the media bought into and promoted this narrative in order to ensure their favorite son’s reelection. The producer of the video was arrested without bail for violating probation.  The entire episode was made very high profile as if the feds had nabbed one of the FBI’s 10 most wanted.

It was done to make this man the scapegoat rather than holding Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama responsible for their complete incompetence and failure to act during a critical election cycle.

Will the press shield both Obama and Hillary again as they did in 2012?  What will it take to actually hold Obama’s feet to the fire?  The mainstream media hasn’t properly held him accountable for his multitude of scandals.



But, now with the recent beheading of a colleague and another one being threatened, will they finally hold the President accountable?