One Law Enforcement Officer Killed in the Line of Duty Every 3 Days Since Memorial Day, 2014

In the wake of the Ferguson riots and anti-cop mentality sweeping across the nation, it’s about time that people had a look at the other side of the situation instead of listening to the instigating, and at times incoherent, ramblings of Al “White Interlopers” Sharpton and Jesse Hymietown‘ Jackson, as well as the other perpetually aggrieved race-baiters.

Thanks to the state of the media today, you don’t hear about the hundreds of Law Enforcement Officers that die in the line of duty every year.  Too eager is the media to pander to the fringe and keep the racism rhetoric alive, just for a few clicks or additional viewers.

Today is the 13th Anniversary of 9/11 – a day that my city lost 37 Port Authority Police officers; 23 N.Y.P.D officers and 343 firefighters – I thought I would take the opportunity to speak up for those that rarely speak for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not looking at this situation with blue-tinged glasses.  I live in New York, home of the Dirty Thirty and Knapp Commission, and know full well that there are corrupt cops.

But for every one corrupt law enforcement officer, there are thousands of good and decent men and women who wear the uniform and only want to serve their communities and return home safely to their loved ones.

There are those saying that just because there are pictures of Michael Brown throwing gang signs, that doesn’t make him a thug or criminal.  Ok, there are two sides to that coin.  If you would like me to view your point as valid, you must also acknowledge my point – just because a person puts on a policeman’s uniform doesn’t make him or her a racist or corrupt.

Cops deal with the dregs of society that those in their Ivory Towers refuse to acknowledge.  Police Officers are the ones that run towards harm, while others run away.  Depending upon their tour, or if they have a rotating schedule, some Officers only see a weekend off every 7 weeks or longer.  Police Officers rarely have holidays off, when everyone else is enjoying time with their families and yet they show up day in and day out to “Protect and Serve.”

According to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, there have been 81 deaths of Officers so far this year, including 29 that were killed over the summer.  To put it in a bit of perspective – that’s one Police Officer killed every 3 days. Where is the national outcry? Where is their protest?

These are the officers, not including car accidents, who were murdered over the last 14 weeks.

Police Officer Jair Cabrera, shot and killed while making a traffic stop.

Police Officer Brian Jones, shot and killed while investigating an earlier shooting. 

Police Officer Kevin Jordan, shot and killed while attempting to make an arrest. 

Police Officer Alyn Beck, shot and killed in an ambush with fellow Officer Igor Soldo while eating lunch.

Officer Igor Soldo, shot and killed in an ambush with fellow Officer Alyn Beck while eating lunch.

Chief of Police Lee Dixon, shot and killed while responding to a call of an armed suspect at a residence.

Officer Perry Renn, shot and killed while responding to reports of gunfire.

Police Officer Jeffrey Westerfield, shot and killed in an ambush while sitting in his police vehicle.

Police Officer Melvin Santiago, shot and killed in an ambush by Lawrence Campbell when responding to a report of an armed robbery. “Campbell’s widow, Angelique Campbell, told News 12 New Jersey that her husband should have killed more officers.”  Charming family.

Police Officer Scott Patrick, shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop.

Sheriff Mark Hecker, suffered a heart attack while struggling with a suspect and died several days later.  (The same way Eric Garner died, but where is the public outcry?)

Elmendorf Police Chief Michael Pimentel, shot and killed after pulling someone over for a misdemeanor graffiti warrant.  (Just a petty crime like selling untaxed cigarettes, yet the media portrays these criminals as harmless.)

Agent Geniel Amaro-Fantauzzi, shot while conducting a drug investigation in Puerto Rico.

Police Officer Daryl Pierson, shot and killed while in pursuit of a suspect following a traffic stop.

Patrolman Nickolaus Schultz, shot and killed while responding to a break-in.

Corporal Jason Harwood, shot and killed while making a traffic stop.

Deputy Sheriff Joe Matuskovic, shot and killed while responding to a disturbance call.

As you read this article, another Police Officer was harmed or killed.  His or her family lost a mother or a father, but you will not hear about it in the news.  There will be no protests or public outcry.  Just another hard-working, contributing member of society will be tragically lost.