Pocket Full Of Liberty Needs A New Team Member!


Wanted: Social Media Coordinator for Pocket Full of Liberty

The Candidate will be:

  • Somebody with strong Facebook and Twitter skills (And by Facebook skills, we don’t mean a top scorer in Candy Crush Saga). The individual should be able to successfully engage the readership and build an audience. Knowledge of Reddit is preferred, but not required.
  • Somebody who enjoys interacting with others on FB and Twitter, through discussions, conversations, and even reasoned arguments.
  • Somebody who is comfortable referring to the management team as ‘Your Majesty’ and ‘Your Highness.’ – Just kidding. Only Beth should be referred to as ‘Your Highness.’ Jay and Jacob can be referred to as ‘Moron Number 1′ and ‘Moron Number 2.’
  • Somebody who really enjoys politics and political debate. A substantial knowledge of current political events, players, and historical knowledge is preferred. Familiarity with pop culture is a bonus. If you can say, “I’ve never seen Star Wars”, you can show yourself the door.
  • Somebody who is able to function with minimal supervision. The successful candidate will hold the keys to the social media castle. S/He will be expected to post and promote items and articles written by team contributors, respond professionally to those engaging the site’s TL, and increase growth of followers/readership. Also, never make Jacob angry.
  • Somebody who enjoys being part of a diverse team comprised of a variety of personalities (some of us may have more than one!).
  • Somebody who is willing to work for free – Hey, it took Amazon years before they were profitable. We’ve only been doing this thing for 5 months.

If you are that person (or think you are), please fill out the form below. We will get back with you shortly!