Everything Putin Does, Newt Can Do Better


Vladimir Putin loves to have his picture taken while performing various stunts and activities. That’s fine, but everything he’s done…

…Newt Gingrich has done it better.

Putin hung out with a walrus at the zoo? Yeah, well Newt was able to secure an endorsement from the walrus.

Newtin & the Walrus


Sure Vladimir Putin likes to shoot targets at the range, but Newt likes to shoot aliens.



Putin likes to take pictures of himself fishing without a shirt on. Well, Newt does too — on the damn moon!

fishing on the moon


Then Newt caught a fish and brought it back home to Earth.


Vladimir Putin


Putin thinks he’s cool because he swims with the dolphins. Well, Newt swims and talks to the dolphins.

Newtin dolphins


Putin loves his dogs, but Newt’s dogs can recite the Gettysburg Address.

newtin and dog


Putin hunts small animals. Newt hunts RINOs!

Newt hunting


Putin is a judo master, but so is Newt and he does it with a smile.

Newtin Judo


Putin has a pretty cool hat, but Newt rocks it better than him.

Putin coffee


Putin plays hockey, but Newt dominates hockey.

Hockey Newtin1