The Importance Of A Story


Watch the video below. I think you’ll be surprised by what you see:

Now one might think this was a big production and that it took a lot of money. But Salomon Ligthelm who made this, shot it with a Canon 7D and a 30mm 1.4 Sigma lens and edited it on a Macbook Pro.

In addition, this is the kind of video that will get me interested in the subject. At least enough to ask questions.

Those who are involved in politics should pay attention. People want to hear and see stories. Far too often we are handed a commercial that says, “Hi. My name is _______. I have been married to my wife _____ for ____ years. We have _____ children. I love America.”

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the current formula works. But I would love to see something more interesting.

What do you think?