Obamacare Employer Mandate: Delayed until 2015

This is simply amazing.

Businesses won’t be penalized next year if they don’t provide workers health insurance after the Obama administration decided to delay a key requirement under its health-care law, two administration officials said.

The decision will come in regulatory guidance to be issued later this week. It addresses vehement complaints from employer groups about the administrative burden of reporting requirements, though it may also affect coverage provided to some workers.

Oh really, Obamacare stinks? You don’t say!

This comes on the heels of the news that United Health Care will become the second insurer to exit California’s health insurance market, following Aetna.

Rather than force employers to comply with an onerous, expensive, and unpopular law, the Obama Administration has decided — by fiat — to delay implementation until after the 2014 Congressional elections. Convenient.

Finally, this tweet says it all:

2014: Let’s delay ObamaCare permanently. <- GOP Slogan. Do it.

— RB (@RBPundit) July 2, 2013