Leftist Compares A Woman Celebrating Freedom To A Female Suicide Bomber

Leftists (I refuse to call them “liberals.” I consider myself a classic liberal and won’t allow the left to taint it) from time to time reveal their true feelings. While they often hide behind the moniker of “progressive”, their thinking is ridiculously backwards.

One of the latest examples came in the form of a tweet. A little background is on order. Holly Fisher, who lives in West Virginia, had the following photo made following the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision:

ATTENTION LIBERALS: do NOT look at this picture. Your head will most likely explode. #HobbyLobby #UniteBlue pic.twitter.com/uAIZji25vS

— Holly Fisher (@HollyRFisher) July 1, 2014

After getting some “complaints” about the lack of things such as a Bible, gun and flag, Holly, in the spirit of fun, obliged:


These tweets prompted all kinds of rage. Holly was on the receiving end of some of the most vile responses. which don’t deserve mention in this space. Let’s just say the absurdity was at nuclear levels despite the fact these are probably the same people that got in on on the #YesAllWomen hashtag.

It didn’t take long however, for something really dumb to happen. And here is the tweet I saw:

Any questions? . pic.twitter.com/PbJtn3lbwE

— ✨Nicole Bonnet✨ (@NicoleBonnet1) July 6, 2014

Holly, in case you did not know, is a mother of three and the wife of an Army who makes her home in West Virginia.

The woman on the right is Reem Riyashi. She was a terrorist. I say “was” because she blew herself up at a the Ezez crossing in the Gaza strip in 2004, killing herself and 4 Israelis.

This is how idiotic the left can be sometimes. They are so detached from reality that they think somebody holding a gun and a Bible is no different than a being terrorist that blows themselves them up, hoping to take as many as they can, with them. 

If there is a silver lining to all of this, it’s that by doing this, we get to see what the left is truly like beyond all of the fake outrage about women’s rights and the income gap.