Track Records Count: Rick Perry On The Economy

There has been a lot of talk about Donald Trump around here as of late. One of the reasons is I think there are so many better candidates out there people can and should support.

One of those is Rick Perry.

Contrary to what is being said around social media and even in the mainstream media about immigration, it remains below a number of other issues that Americans rank as important. Nothing is more important to the electorate right now than the economy and jobs. It’s easy to talk about how to create jobs and how to implement policies that allow the economy to flourish.

Texas is the state that fueled much of the economy in the United States in the last 15 years and Rick Perry was there for it all. Here are some eye popping statistics:

Texas Added 2,214,900 Jobs Under Governor Perry. In December 2000 Texas had 9,534,600 non-farm jobs. In December 2014 Texas had 11,749,500 non-farm jobs (Seasonally adjusted)

Texas Has Created 28.63 Percent Of All New Private Sector Jobs In America. In December 2000, there were 111,919,000 private sector jobs in America. In December 2014, there were 118,690,000 private sector jobs in America. In December 2000, there were 7,969,900 private sector jobs in Texas. In December 2014, there were 9,908,200 private sector jobs in Texas.

There Are 1,572,694 More Employed Texans Now Than There Were In December 2007, An Increase Of 14.3 Percent. In December 2007 there were 10,997,356 employed Texans. In December 2014, there were 12,570,050 employed Texans. (The country overall has lost 400,000 jobs in that time frame)

Then there is the tax burden in Texas. There is no state income tax. But it gets better:

Texas’ Combined State And Local Tax Burden Has Improved Between 2002 And 2011. In 2002 Texas’ combined state and local tax burden was 44th highest in the nation. In 2011 (most recent available) Texas’ combined state and local tax burden was 47th highest in the nation.

Rick Perry can stand on a stage and say to people, “This is what I did when I was the Governor of Texas.” 

Here is what Aaron Gardner had to say about Rick Perry:

In Perry I see a leader driven by a purpose other than anger, I see a leader driven by a desire to correct our course as a nation and bring us back together under a common purpose, once again being the beacon of liberty to the world. Governor Perry understands that to be a beacon of liberty, we must first restore our own government to its proper size and scope, returning the aspects of governing the federal government has seized back to the states and the people, as the Constitution requires.

Of course, this being electoral politics, money is required in order to keep a political campaign going. This doesn’t require you write out checks for hundreds of dollars. A $5 donation can be extremely helpful. So if you want to see the Perry campaign continue, by all means, follow this link and go ahead and donate a few bucks.