Let Democrats Own The Obamacare Mess


The word is, President Obama cannot sign any legislation that would undermine him using Obamacare to force people into exchanges to sign up for healthcare. To do so would be to admit he was wrong. It would also negatively impact Obamacare overall. Therefore, Obama would have to veto the bill.

But would he? There’s nothing the President likes more than to blame others for his own problems and take credit for anything that goes well.

A bill that allows people who have had their healthcare plans canceled to keep them is a risky venture, but there is no risk for President Obama. He knows this.

If it fails, he gets to blame “Congress” and “Speaker Boehner.”

If it works he gets to praise the “hard work” of “Senate Democrats” like Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu and Mark Pryor.

Some are saying, “It won’t work.”

It doesn’t have to work.

It only has to work long enough for those three (at least) to secure another six year term in the Senate.

People are saying, “He can’t sign a bill like that. He won’t do it.”

Do you know what I have not heard yet from President Obama or anybody in the White House? A veto threat. Carney wouldn’t answer the question just six days ago and nothing has changed.

The Democrats own Obamacare in its awful entirety. It was only weeks ago when any change to the law was considered “anarchy”, “hostage taking”, “holding a gun to the head of the American people” and “terrorism.”

Let them continue to own it.

The House should stand down and let Mary Landrieu and the Senate Democrats, with their majority, pass her bill.

Make President Obama issue the veto threat upon its passage or let it fail in the Senate with a lack of Democratic support.

The GOP doesn’t have to do anything at this point.

“Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”