Choice is Better — and Liberals Know It

Choice is better — and liberals know it.

No, this isn’t about abortion. No one in their right mind would say that choice in murder is a good thing.

I’m talking about how everyday liberals in government belie the notions that they peddle about the policies they advocate. Conservatives argue that choice creates competition, which sharpens the product provided, whether it is a good, a service or an idea. The actions of liberals prove that they too know this — albeit perhaps very deep down.

Take health insurance, for instance. Ostensibly, Obamacare lets you keep your doctor, hospital, health insurances coverage, and more if you like them. The president’s pitch, in fact, included the argument that his health care law would increase choice and competition. We can all see now — and conservatives knew from the start — that this was a flat-out falsehood.

Every day, stories of dropped individual market plans roll in. Every day, we hear of people with severe medical conditions who have lost the health insurance that served them well and gave them access to the doctors they liked.

Obamacare doesn’t improve health care in America. It forces everyone into mediocrity. It spreads equal misery.

All the while, Obama and liberals in Congress know that choice affects better products. The president and vice-president still access what some call “VIP” insurance options. Members of Congress, though they purchase insurance through health care exchanges now, still receive their employer contribution — the employer being the federal government, the payroll financed by you and me.

They are conveniently shielded from feeling the brunt of oncoming price increases resulting from the “Affordable” Care Act. Nicely done, Congress. Nicely done.

But health care is not the only area in which liberals espouse choice and while imposing uniform mediocrity on the masses. School choice is another. Again, the anecdotes of politicians who send their children to private schools while opposing policies that would give less well-off parents the same option are numerous. Furthermore, liberal teachers themselves know first-hand what school choice can do for their own children.

Yet they too, largely oppose efforts that give less fortunate families the same choices.

Though there is yet no national education bill that systematically erodes alternatives to public schools, one of the first actions Obama took as president was to nix a highly successful school voucher program. Most frustratingly, he didn’t have to read some policy analysis to understand how choice works — predictably, he sends his daughters to private schools.

Why does this inconsistency exist? Do liberals simply not put two and two together? Is it by design to control? Is it simply a “let them eat cake” attitude or some combination of all three?  I, for one, don’t want to venture too far into the liberal mind. Who knows what lurks there…. Maybe Michael Savage is right that liberalism is a mental disorder.

All I know is that I’d like my choice and the competition, affordability, and the quality that come with it — for me and every American.