Want A Pocket Full Of Liberty T-Shirt? Of Course You Do!


We went crazy trying to figure out a way to do this right. The fact is, Cafe Press and Zazzle is not the direction we wanted to go. They do digital printing and they use cheap shirts and the unit cost was so absurd that we’d have to charge nearly $30 per t-shirt.


Problem is, there wasn’t much alternative until I found Teespring (more on that shortly). Problem with Teespring is the design needs to be pretty simple because they contract with actual screen printers to do their shirts.

Enter Rachel Dewing. The lovely wife of our own Neal Dewing who said, “I will rescue your sorry butts.” She created the graphic you see on the t-shirt above and it looks awesome. Now….pay attention to this graphic:


You see that? It’s kind of like Kickstarter but a little better. You don’t have to watch an annoying video by us and Teespring handles all of the shipping so once we reach our goal, you will have your shirts in 10-14 days! All for the complete low price of $22.35

We need your help.

We have to sell 50 of these shirts or nobody gets one. 8 15 of them have been ordered already. That means we have to sell another 42 within the next two weeks.

That should be easy, right? Right? After you buy one, you’ll tell your best friend to buy one. And your Mom.

Well what are you waiting for? Get going!