Flash Mob Recreates Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” (1642)


Back in April, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum staged a rather creative campaign to advertise its reopening. Rather than publicizing the reopening with just billboards and “milk cartons,” Rijksmuseum brought itself quite a bit of attention by staging an “elaborate” flash mob in a mall. As expected, the video went viral and has over 3 million views as of this post’s publication.

Mind you, Rijksmuseum did not just have a bunch of dudes in old school hats run into a mall and recreate the painting’s pose — rather, the actors played out an entire dramatic series of events leading up to it. This was not your average flash mob. Check it out:


And it seems as if the video did the trick, garnering attention from multiple sites afterwards.

Of course there are some people skeptical of viral video marketing, e.g., it just seems so gimmicky. But there’s something to be said for an advertisement campaign that accomplishes what it intends to do.


My favorite flash mob of all time: