How Has Obama Failed? We Will Count The Ways

Barack Obama’s is about a year away from being a lame duck President. By November 2014, a new Congress will be elected and Obama (like other second term Presidents) will spend his final two years not doing very much. Most Presidents make their mark in their first term and Obama is no different.

I read a tweet last week from Alan Colmes. He said in part:

Obama will go down as a great President who battled ignorance.

Do you agree?

Granted, whether or not a President is “great” is largely subjective. People on opposites of the political spectrum will disagree vehemently that Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton were “great” Presidents.

That being said, one usually has to provide some supporting evidence of those arguments. Colmes may think Obama is great, but the staff here at Pocket Full Of Liberty disagrees. Obama has failed on a number of fronts. Over the next several weeks, we are going to highlight nine of them. The following list is in no particular order:

Look for the first post tomorrow!