250,000 People Continue Anti-Government Protests in Brazil

In the past week, more than a million people all over Brazil have gathered to protest against their country’s leadership. Individuals are demonstrating for a wide variety of purposes, but the uniting factor is frustration with the government and economy.

Today’s demonstration focused on political corruption. The Guardian reports:

Across Brazil protesters gathered to denounce legislation known as PEC 37 that would limit the power of federal prosecutors to investigate crimes. Many fear the laws would hinder attempts to jail corrupt politicians.


Federal prosecutors were behind the investigation into the biggest corruption case in Brazil’s history, the so-called “mensalão” cash-for-votes scheme that came to light in 2005 and involved top aides of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva buying off members of congress to vote for their legislation.


Last year the supreme court condemned two dozen people in connection to the case, which was hailed as a watershed moment in Brazil’s fight against corruption. However those condemned have yet to be jailed because of appeals, a delay that has enraged Brazilians.

Over the past several days it has become apparent that Brazil’s citizens are not ready to give up yet.