Rand Paul Proposes Immigration Reform Amendments

Whacko bird Senator Rand Paul is at it again. This time, offering some reasonable and sane amendments to the “Gang of 8″ immigration bill.

Paul’s most ambitious proposal would eliminate the pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants and lift the caps on guest workers. It would provide immigrant workers to employers who can demonstrate need, but immigrants would have to apply for legal permanent residency and citizenship through the existing lines of their native countries. 

Paul is expected to file that amendment this week.

Another measure, Paul’s “Trust but Verify” amendment, would give Congress — and not Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano — ultimate authority on deciding when the southern border is secure. 

Under this plan, immigration reform would not proceed until Congress votes on whether several criteria have been met.These objectives would include the completion of a comprehensive system to track visa entries and exits at all points of entry — not just air and sea ports as mandated by the broader bill — and law enforcement achieving a 95 percent apprehension rate of illegal entrants. 

The Census Bureau would have to show an insignificant flow of new immigrants entering the country illegally.

Imagine that. Paul takes aim at the anti-free market guest worker caps while truly requiring illegal aliens to get at the back of the line before getting citizenship. While at the same time, requiring that border security actually gets improved and taking back power from the Executive branch.

None of this will be adopted because it makes too much sense.