Flag Waving, Shotgun Guy And The Image Of Freedom

Over the last couple of days, I have posted the image you see here on Twitter and Facebook largely due to the hope the GOP would do well on Tuesday night and then posting it as part of a reason to brag because the GOP did so well Tuesday night. 

Reaction from conservatives to the photo has been of course, very positive. For us, it evokes feelings of freedom and pride. It’s a celebration of the American spirit.

Others do not see it that way. When I say others, I of course speak of liberals who don’t seem to understand it.

My brother Matt, is one of those liberals. I love my younger brother dearly and when we keep politics out of our conversations, we get along just great. I had the pleasure of going to the World Series with him in 1996 and together, we got to see the Yankees win their first title in 18 years. It was one of my greatest days.

That said, when it comes to politics, the poor soul never broke free from the hippie mindset in which we were raised by our parents. He is a proud Obama supporter (apparently there are a few left) and he’s already in #ReadyForHillary mode which just frightens the hell out of me because I worry about his mental state. But I digress.

When I posted this image on FB, he left the following comment:

“Ahh yes, “from my cold dead hands” – because Election Day and GUNS – couldn’t think of a better combo”

To which I replied, “That’s called freedom, Matt.”

And he responded with one word: “From?”

Right there, with just one word, revealed in a very clear way, what liberals do not understand about freedom and liberty.

When people are free, they are not free from something. Being free means being able to do something without worrying about being constrained — particularly by the government.

Freedom to exercise my second amendment rights. Freedom to exercise my first amendment rights of speech, assembly and religion.

It is the mindset of “freedom from” that gives us people like Shannon Watts. She doesn’t see the exercise of second amendment rights as the freedom to do something. She wrote the following:

As moms, our priorities are clear. Our only “agenda” is to ensure our children grow up free from the fear of gun violence finding them in places they should be safe.

That is how she thinks. If you own a gun, you’re instilling fear into children and they should be free from that.

This is where the mindset between conservatives and liberals differ so starkly. Contrary to the absurd stereotype about conservatives and their supposed hatred of all things government, it really just comes down to freedom. I want to be able to do as much as I can without having to dodge roadblocks the government sets up for no other purpose than to stop, delay or impede my freedom to do something.

So fellow conservatives, wave your American flag proudly. Happily open carry or concealed carry firearm.


Because you’re free to do so.