Hillary’s Announcement Video Is Not Very Good And Here’s Why

Hillary Clinton surprised nobody when she made it official she is running for President in 2016. Rather than a live event, she opted for a video that was released via social media.

It was a smart move to release it on Sunday. The Sunday news shows (which are still watched by tens of millions of people) spent most of the time talking about Hillary without being able to critique her announcement. When it finally happened, it wasn’t a personal video like she released in 2007.

This was more of an ad:

Some people thought it was good. Jimmy LaSalvia:

While the video is well put together in terms of production and doesn’t need Hillary to “introduce” herself to the public, there are several problems with it:

1. The video is 2:19 long and Hillary doesn’t appear until the 1:32 mark. So the video has already run for a minute and a half before the subject of the video is even shown. Not good. 

2. Everybody in the video comes off as natural and genuinely seem to be having a good time where Hillary looks awkward and stiff. The Bill Clinton thumb point she does towards the end looks like she did it after being told to for emphasis. 

3. Nobody outside her core supporters are going to buy this “lady of the people” nonsense. 

In the end, this video was “safe” for her to do. It’s going to be up to Republicans to define her.

Personally, I think the SNL video is a more accurate representation….