The Audacity to Barricade

wwii memorial shutdown

Thank goodness the National Park Service reversed its shutdown policy and reopened the World War II memorial in Washington, D. C. Blatantly disrespecting our veterans by choosing to barricade them out to make the shutdown painful and noticeable is frankly un-American (yes, I did use that word). The veterans were having none of it, pushing through the barricades like they were the beaches of Normandy.

The suggestion that this policy saved the government money is absurd on its face. “Non-essential” NPS workers didn’t place freely donated barricades in front of the memorial on their own time. I’ve been to the memorial and seen for myself that there needs be no one working there for Americans to walk through and pay their respects. The Obama administration has only succeeded in drawing attention to its obvious disdain for those who protect our country.

Honestly, what did we expect from the administration that continues to tacitly ask then-Secretary of State Clinton’s question about the Benghazi attack: “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Our men and women in uniform from past and present wars should never be used to play politics, but the Obama administration has the audacity to go there.