Jonathan Turley: Obama Must Fire Eric Holder

Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington University Law School. While difficult to peg him politically (he is largely liberal with a strong libertarian streak – eg his stance on the second amendment), nobody could say he’s some right wing conservative. He says, it’s time for Eric Holder to go:

In the end, Holder was the best witness against his continuing in office. His insistence that he did nothing was a telling moment. The attorney general has done little in his tenure to protect civil liberties or the free press. Rather, Holder has supervised a comprehensive erosion of privacy rights, press freedom and due process. This ignoble legacy was made possible by Democrats who would look at their shoes whenever the Obama administration was accused of constitutional abuses.


On Thursday, Obama responded to the outcry over the AP and Fox scandals by calling for an investigation by … you guessed it … Eric Holder. He ordered Holder to meet with news media representatives to hear their “concerns” and report back to him. He sent his old sin eater for a confab with the very targets of the abusive surveillance. Such an inquiry offers no reason to trust its conclusions.


The feeble response was the ultimate proof that these are Obama’s sins despite his effort to feign ignorance. It did not matter that Holder is the sin eater who has lost his stomach or that such mortal sins are not so easily digested. Indeed, these sins should be fatal for any attorney general.

What’s most astonishing is the fact that no major media news outlet has called yet for Holder to resign or to be fired. Granted, noted liberals such as Keith Olbermann and Michael Tomasky have said Holder should resign, but where are the media calls? This directly affects them and yet despite harsh criticism of Holder and the DOJ, have been very reluctant to call for anybody to lose their job.