It’s Time For An Equal Tax

Thanks to Ashe Schow for reading Think Progress and digging up this wonderful gem. “Think Progress Claims Ted Cruz is anti-woman because he supports a flat tax.”

Just when you thought the left couldn’t get more ridiculous, Stieger attempts to make the case.

Steiger also claims that Cruz’s agenda is anti-woman because he’s for the flat tax and abolishing the IRS. After admitting that “There’s little polling” on these matters, Steiger found one poll from 2012 that showed the flat tax was 10 points more popular with men than with women.”

So with no real facts to support that view, Think Progress affirms that all women not only oppose the flat tax but that as a policy it is anti-woman. If fairly levying taxes is oppression, please bring it on.  Preferring the current system that rewards those with the fanciest accountant and lobbyist doesn’t strike me as pro-woman or pro-logical either.

It was just a few months ago Stieger highlighted Patricia Arquette’s call for equality yet Stieger mysteriously finds a flat tax anti-woman

“To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation,” Arquette said at the end of her speech, “we have fought for everybody’s equal rights. It is our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

Now if I understand Ms. Arquette’s call to action correctly, she is identifying that women give birth to the taxpayers and citizens of this nation. She further highlights a need to fight for equal rights and wage equality.  Now if you continue that line of thinking a flat tax is a perfect feminist pursuit. Every taxpayer and citizen is guaranteed to pay the same rate in taxes. How is it fair that tax rates vary so dramatically?

Further why is it preferable to have special interests be able to widen the tax subsidy gaps for some while others without lobbyists languish at a different and unequal rate?  Do we really want Warren Buffet’s secretary to keep paying a higher rate? Why would we want the women and those they gave birth to spending according to the IRS, “an estimated 6 billion hours filling out tax forms, which equates to almost 3 million full-time jobs.” Are we sure that the burden of tax filing isn’t falling too hard on one gender? Let’s close the tax filing gap with a simplified tax code.  

It’s time for an equal tax movement in this country.

Women already are predisposed to play by the rules more often than men and expect fairness.  The Flat tax, I mean Equal Tax is the most fair way to address a tax system full of loopholes, special treatment and unfair subsidies of industries and special interests. Lets not even discuss the judgement of your lifestyle choices by the government in the tax system.

If we want to live and let live, an equal tax is the only way to keep that pesky government official treating people differently for their lifestyle choices. Married, single, parent, childfree, you all deserve a flat tax. It’s the only way to be equal.

The flat tax isn’t anti woman, its pro people.

It’s about time Think Progress started you know “thinking about progress” and stop keeping us tied to an antiquated tax code written by the patriarchy to benefit those who can bend a politician’s ear. Are we sure that men aren’t unfairly using their STEM skills to drive their tax rate down while women handicapped with their gender aren’t seeking the best write offs out there?

The only way to make sure there isn’t a disparity,as we all  know men are more likely to negotiate and be willing to take more risks with their tax returns, is to move towards an equal tax. This way, regardless of gender, you know your tax rate is the same as any other man’s. Finally a place where equality and prosperity can meet.

Citizens need today’s tax code like a fish needs a bicycle. Equal Tax Rate now. Equal Tax for all.