PocketCast Of Liberty On FTR Radio – 10pm EST


The PocketCast of Liberty is back on FTR Radio tonight!


Topics for tonight:

1. BUSH LIED! Oh wait…..he didn’t! The left has used the “Bush lied” attack for years. Now, thanks in part to a very very tentative NY Times, things have changed. Gabe Malor’s piece on this at Ace is a must read because he says, the media and the left are attempting to shift the narrative.

2. Houston, we have a problem – A major problem where area pastors are actually having their sermons subpoenaed to see if they are being critical of Houston Mayor, Annise Parker. Who just happens to be a lesbian.

3. Brad Pitt:  Gun owner. Since he was 5!

4. HBO to start a streaming service that will not require a subscription to their channel. Whoa. 


Be sure to tune in!