Zero Tolerance Stupidity Alert: Boy Suspended For Gun Keychain


I think we are at a point where those who devised and have implemented “zero tolerance” policies should locked up somewhere just for being so dumb.

A 12-year-old boy was suspended from a Rhode Island middle school after a gun keychain — just bigger than the size of a quarter — dropped out of his backpack during class.

Joseph Lyssikatos said a classmate scooped the novelty pistol from the ground and began showing it to other students at Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School in Coventry when a teacher confiscated it on Thursday.

The boy’s mother, Bonnie Bonanno, was outraged at the punishment.
“That’s disgraceful,” said the woman, adding that the suspension alone was “enough for him mentally.”

It shouldn’t have gone that far. Take the thing, give it to the kid at the end of the day and tell him not to bring it back to school.

Have we become a society that devoid of common sense that teachers and administrators cannot exercise good judgement on their own, having to rely on idiotic zero tolerance policies to do the work for them?