Media Darling Wendy Davis Proving To Be A Flop

A common theme among liberals is to detect things which are not there. This materializes quite frequently in seeing racism or sexism where it does not exist. A current “materialization” is by Democrat Wendy Davis, a Texas gubernatorial candidate. Ms. Davis, although currently far behind in polls, sees “something magical” happening in her quest to become governor. I submit there is no magic occurring, only the desire for the enchantment of summer 2013 to return and to be connected with her name once again.

When Davis donned those pink shoes and stood for abortion “rights” during a filibuster in the State of Texas in June 2013, the popularity achieved was monumental in left wing circles. The “self-made” liberal woman was anointed by the media as the one who might change it all in the Lone Star state. An August 2013 Vogue article wondered:

“It has added to speculation about the country’s second-most-populous state: Could Texas turn purple—and is Davis the one to take it there?”

“And then there’s the fact that President Obama’s former top field manager, Jeremy Bird, founded Battleground Texas, which is laying the groundwork for voter engagement and turnout in the next election cycle. ‘The eyes of the world are on Texas, and I’m not proud of what they’re seeing—except when they see Wendy,’ says Texan Paul Begala…”

In the same Vogue article, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards was quoted: ““In all my years of organizing, I’ve never seen anything to equal what we are seeing in Texas. The field staff . . . and the volunteers on the ground are making something happen that nobody thought possible.”

A CNN article from October regarding her spotlighted turn from the June 2013 filibuster: “Never mind that the bill eventually passed in a special legislative session: Democrats across the country were in full swoon mode.”

The filibuster had failed, but never mind that. Wendy Davis was a new star for the Democrats in none other than Texas, also known as enemy territory.

But something has changed with the turning of the year. 2014 certainly feels nothing like 2013 did to Wendy, her campaign, and the supporters of the cause to turn Texas purple. In mid-January came the revelation that her life story was not exactly as it seemed. In mid-February, she changed her tune about a 20 week abortion ban, surprising some, betraying others. These, and the steady poll results consistently showing her behind challenger Greg Abbott, have clearly lessened her appeal.

But back to the magic Wendy said she felt recently. With a little more than 6 months of the campaign left, the desire for magic does not guarantee a resulting reality. Even with support from/meetings with President Obama, as well as several DC fundraisers, the Democratic political machine has been unable to produce said magic.

Her good looks, “charming” up-and-coming story of hardship, and emotional connection at the start with abortion rights have not produced a slam dunk for Wendy. Even her tone has changed. The banner she waved which set off her meteoric rise — abortion — has been nothing but a sore spot. The pro-life win against Wendy early on continues to haunt the pro-choice crowd as abortions in the state are increasingly becoming more difficult.

Her new, more consistent talking point is regarding a slightly older subject matter – school children. She has become determined to fiercely challenge her opponent, Greg Abbott, and his views on the subject of education. With all that is stacked against Ms. Davis at the moment, it is a wonder she sees anything magical occurring.

This further highlights the left’s obsession with appearance. Surely an attractive defender of abortion, seen as a martyr-type in a Republican state, would cause their crowd to rabidly support her. But it hasn’t. What began as a thrilling promise of “change” is all but forgotten as Wendy seeks to shift momentum in her favor again.

What began as a collective swoon from the left now seems barely audible.

Wendy seeks to turn Texas purple. However, as things are now, on November 4, 2014, Wendy might only being seeing red.