Video Shows Professor’s Call For Jihad Against Israel And More Anti-Semitism On College Campuses

What would happen if a white college professor called for apartheid in the United States? How long do you think that person would be employed?

Apparently, you can get away with doing such things however, if your target is Israel. A professor at Kent State has called for jihad against Israel:

A Kent State University associate professor of history is standing by his call for “jihad” and statement that Israel is “a regime that is the spiritual heir to Nazism.”

In an “open letter” to “academic friends of Israel,” Julio Pino accuses the pro-Israel academic community of being “directly responsible for the murder of over 1,400 Palestinian children, women and elderly civilians.”

In his statement that quotes former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and compares the academics to alleged Nazi collaborator and philosopher Martin Heidegger, Pino writes “Your names are scrawled on every bullet fired, bomb dropped, body buried and burnt forehead in Gaza. May your names become a curse word on the lips of every justice-loving person on earth, along with “Obama” and “Netanyahu.”

How did Kent State react?

The university agreed with the Wiesenthal Center, releasing a statement that said, “We condemn the professor’s statement as reprehensible and irresponsible.  At Kent State, we value collegiality and mutual respect. Assailing the public with broad statements of culpability violates these principles.”

And that is all they did. No further action has been taken.

This kind of blatant anti-semitism is growing on college campuses:

Over the last several years, Jewish students on campuses across the country have been physically, emotionally, and intellectually harassed, intimidated, threatened, and bullied, not only by their fellow students but also by some of their professors.

Anti-Israel student activists at the University of Michigan last month hurled death threats at Jewish student council members and called them “dirty Jew” and “kike.” At University of California, Berkeley, a Jewish girl holding an “Israel Wants Peace” sign was ramrodded with a shopping cart by the head of Students for Justice in Palestine. At Harvard University, the Palestine Security Committee frightened Jewish students by placing mock eviction notices on their dormitory rooms. At Northeastern University in Boston, Students for Justice in Palestine vandalized a menorah and disrupted Jewish events. At San Francisco State University this past fall, the General Union of Palestine Students hosted an all-day event where participants could make posters and t-shirts that said, “My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers,” meaning Jews. And just last week, at New York University, pro-Palestinian students slipped “eviction notices” under the doors of 2,000 undergrads, scaring Jewish students and parents.

A video was put together called Jewish Voices On Campus that details some of these incidents and has some Jewish students telling their stories about dealing with anti-Semitism at a place they thought would allow for a free exchange of ideas. It’s pretty remarkable:


How is this able to go on? And when will these schools do something about it? What you’re seeing in this video goes way beyond free speech. Again, this would not be tolerated if it were white supremacists.

There is a big time double standard here and unless it is addressed, it is only going to get worse.