PocketCast of Liberty on FTR Radio – Episode 1


The PocketCast of Liberty made its debut on FTR Radio this week and it was a blast!


We were joined by the always funny and insightful Jon Gabriel. As well as the lovely and talented Kinsey Schofield.

ExJon                  Kinsey

Topics we covered:

BridgeGate and how it would affect Christie and why nobody was sticking up for him.

President Obama his threats to do stuff without Congress. President Calvinball!

A photographer decided to take some nudie shots on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. The result? He’s facing a $1.1 lawsuit.

Finally, in giving Sandra Fluke all kinds of reason to complain more about her birth control, it turns out Medicare was helping Grumpy Old Men become Horny Old Men by reimbursing them for penis pumps.

Listen here:


And we have you mobile and table users covered as well!