PocketCast Of Liberty On FTR Radio – 10pm EST


The PocketCast of Liberty is back on FTR Radio tonight!


Our guest tonight from the great state of Texas, is Alice Linahan.


Topics for tonight:

1. Same sex marriage – Is it here to stay? Will the Supreme Court take up the issue at some point?  Read Neal’s post for a primer. 

2. A public school in Nebraska is doing away with using gender specific terms such as “girls” and “boys.” How absurd is this? When you see the details, you’ll see how bad it gets. Rachel Mullen wrote about this. 

3. Seventh Heaven actor faces molestation charges. Do we identify with the characters so much that we’re shocked when this happens? CNN story.

4. Does saying, “It’s just Biden being Biden cut it for somebody that is heartbeat away from the Presidency? CNN 

Tune in at 10pm EST!