IRS Gave Speedy Approval to Obama Foundation

It took 34 days for the Barack H. Obama Foundation to get the tax exempt status they sought. Not only that, it was given that status retroactively:

The 34 days the IRS’s Cincinnati office took to process the foundation’s application stands in contrast to the waits of several months — and sometimes longer than a year — that several conservative groups say they experienced with the same office. Obama has apologized, saying Americans have a right to be angry that the office improperly targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny.


The IRS handling of the Obama-named group was revealed this week by a conservative watchdog group, the National Legal and Policy Center, and reported by the Daily Caller on Thursday. The Washington Post confirmed reports through public records of the group’s application and the IRS approval letter, signed by the unit director Lois Lerner.

These are no longer isolated incidents and nobody is going to say that a few “rogue” employees were responsible for all of this. That reasoning no longer holds water.