10 Ways Democrats Have Set Feminism Back

Face it ladies — the Democrat party has set us back a good 30-plus years of progress at this point. If we’re to believe the myth Democrats offer us about the female gender, we’d have to accept the following:

  1. I am too weak to ask for a raise or seek employment at a rate I consider to be a fair wage.
  2. I should need at least 20 weeks to make a decision about whether to continue a pregnancy. Never mind how that enforces negative stereotypes about how women can’t make up their mind or that the majority of babies aborted worldwide are women. Further, why would I value my own flesh and blood — or have standards high enough when selecting a partner that I don’t want to murder my own offspring at the thought of reproducing with them?
  3. I should unilaterally disarm myself and resort to such techniques as vomiting or peeing on my attacker.
  4. The struggle to obtain birth control is real for some reason now. A product widely available pre-2008 has become a challenge for women smart enough to be in law school to obtain.
  5. I require government assistance to navigate the majority of life’s challenges, despite the claims of equality to men (offered in the same breath) by the folks advocating I cannot get by without assistance. Also I am not accountable for my actions, because “what difference does it make what we knew and when we knew it, Senator” if four Americans die on my watch?
  6. I should not be selective when it comes to sex because that would be some form of slut shaming or something instead of expecting more from anyone I’d select to be intimate with. Or, alternatively, all sex is rape in some way since a man is also gaining pleasure. There’s no in-between here, folks.
  7. In order to gain the right to fight in combat, standards that were put in place to ensure basic skills in the battlefield should be lowered. Basically, it’s okay that I would be unprepared in battle as long as I’m allowed to go.
  8. I was not truly equal until all Americans — regardless of interest or need — were mandated to buy birth control and maternity coverage.
  9. However, if I am insane enough to do the one thing that only a woman can do (namely have a child), the same program may make it challenging for me to obtain coverage for that child because women’s rights or something.
  10. Lastly, I’m told I should strive to be seen as equal to a man and that I am currently seen as a lesser being.

To this, I say: Why should we aim so low?

I’m teasing in part but it’s actually true. I’ve never understood why the goal would be to be equal to men. The world already has men in it. Why not be something else — perhaps even something complementary or, at times, maybe even better?

I’ve never felt like a lesser individual and think it’s pretty amazing to be a woman. Any man I ever encountered who had some sense of chauvinism or other nonsense, I’ve dismissed as an idiot and didn’t require government involvement.

I would rather embrace my gender and all of its differences from my male counterparts as an advantage in life. I see no downside to being a woman, to me its a perfectly natural fit.

It simply doesn’t occur to me to legislate when I am perfectly capable of taking it upon myself to address challenges in life. Those challenges likely have nothing to do with my gender and blaming sexism often is a weak excuse for not taking self directed action to change ones circumstances.   Furthermore, I’ve never questioned that I bring value and skills to any employer or to anything I choose to do with my life. Maybe that’s why the left’s attempt to convince me that I’m a victim never made sense — because it was never true.

Real feminists don’t need government. If you cannot advance without a large intrusive entity backing you concedes the point and permanently enshrines your lesser value in the world. We aren’t lesser beings, we’re women. And we’re just fine on our own.

That being said, I sure would like ease of access and training for conceal carry permits in all states for women. It would achieve more than the entire Violence Against Women Act does now.