Men’s Warehouse Randomly Fires the Face of Their Company

George Zimmer — better known as the guy in the Men’s Warehouse commercials — was randomly fired from the company yesterday. Business Insider reports:

Men’s Wearhouse has fired George Zimmer, the man who founded the brand 40 years ago. […] He stepped down as CEO in 2011, but was still largely seen as the face of the brand.




The company’s statement was icy and didn’t indicate whether Zimmer would have any power going forward:


“The Board expects to discuss with Mr. Zimmer the extent, if any, and terms of his ongoing relationship with the Company,” Men’s Wearhouse said in the statement.


In his own statement to CNBC, Zimmer implied that disagreements with the board led to his firing[.]




The reason for his firing is unclear. Shares are actually up over the past year, and the company just announced last week that first-quarter profit increased by a whopping 23%.

Suppose this means that there will no longer be any guarantees that “you will like the way you look.” A final glimpse at happier times: