PFoL Aid For The Philippines

We here at Pocket Full of Liberty have noticed, as we are sure that you have, that the major news story of this past week is the devastation wrought in the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan.

As of this writing, at least 10,000 are presumed dead, and hundreds of thousands are left without the basic necessities of life. On the island of Leyte, things are especially grim, with inhabitants struggling to find food as they undertake the monumental task of burying their dead and rebuilding their homes.

One of the hallmarks of the center right is our conviction that human beings living together in a community have the capacity and the natural inclination to come to the aid of one another in time and live in true solidarity, without the mediation of government.

This applies not just to the community of our own towns and neighborhoods, but to our global community as well. We encourage our readers to take a couple minutes out of your day and to put your conservatarian convictions into action.

Thank you.

Donate Here:

American Red Cross Typhoon Appeal

Catholic Relief Services Typhoon Haiyan Response


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