About Us

Pocket Full of Liberty works to promote the ideals of liberty and free markets in order ensure a lasting majority of Americans who choose freedom over the State.

The team:

jayJay Caruso – Owner– Jay is the founder of Pocket Full Of Liberty. Jay has worked in supply chain/logistics for the last 17 years. Born in Queens, NY he moved to New Jersey where he lived for 20 years before spending 14 years in the Daytona Beach area of Florida. He has been living in the Atlanta area with his wife and two teenage kids for the last two years.

Jay started blogging at a time when it was the only form of “social media” available. He has edited and written for a variety of blogs with topics such as politics, pop culture and sports. He is a contributor at The Federalist and has contributed to Blogcritics as well. He is also the founder and editor of the daily baseball newsletter, ‘Just A Bit Outside.’ You can follow Jay on Twitter at @jaycaruso.

amyAmy Otto – Contributor – Amy Otto, is a founding member of Pocket Full of Liberty . She also is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist and her work has been featured in Townhall Magazine and at the UK site The Conservative Woman.

Amy has worked in healthcare for over 18 years. Her work shifted from bench science to oversight of drug development and commercialization. Mom of three. California transplant. Steadfast Philadelphia Eagles fan. Armchair Oenophile. Capitalist. Amy received her BS in Biochemistry from University of Delaware and an MBA from Pepperdine University with a focus in Conflict Management and Resolution. Follow Amy on twitter @AmyOtto8

nealNeal Dewing – Contributor – Neal is a Senior Editor at Pocket Full of Liberty. His writing can also be found at The Federalist. He lives and works in Portsmouth, Virginia. His views are chiefly conservative with libertarian impulses.

He’s Catholic and tries pretty hard to live that way. He enjoys most brown liquors, but in summer gravitates toward middling gin. Find Neal on Twitter at @neal_dewing

Mike Peters – Contributor – Mike hails from New York City, where he practices law. He has an interest in advancing conservative and libertarian-leaning causes, which in his view have significant overlap.

Mike spent his law school years in Texas, where he was instrumental in founding a chapter of the Republican National Lawyers Association. Mike has also served as the president of an international youth organization, where he was involved in lobbying American elected officials in support of various not-for-profit philanthropic causes. Find Mike on Twitter at @thepantau

Contributing Editors

J. Cal Davenport – Contributing Editor – J. Cal Davenport graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Eastern Michigan University. He has worked in political consulting and as an intern at the American Enterprise Institute. He has contributed political and economic analysis to Conservative Intel, Do It Yourself Capitalism and Doublethink Magazine. He currently works in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In his spare time, Cal enjoys reading Edmund Burke, condescending to those who do not share his superior taste in film, trying craft beers and helping Jacob Perry bolster his RINO credentials.

RB Pundit – RB has been battling Progressive “logic” online since 2002. A lifelong Conservative originally from New York City (Queens), he spent his formative years watching Jimmy Carter being the worst President in modern times and then Ronald Reagan being the greatest President in modern times. A firm believer in American Exceptionalism, Free Enterprise, and Limited Government (Madisonian, to be exact). Twitter:@RBPundit