Pocket Full of Liberty Newsletter

We’ve had a blast around here for the last 2 months. We’ve tried to bring you the best content we could. We know not every person of every ideological stripe is going to agree with what we publish, but as we stated when this thing kicked off, we had no desire to be part of an echo chamber.

The team has done an amazing job and I’m thrilled with where this is going. In our drive to bring you great content, we decided that one of those ways would be in the form of a newsletter.

So why would you as a regular reader want to sign up for a PFoL Newsletter? Here’s a few reasons:

1. It’s free – What’s better than free? It’s easy as well. We just need your name and email address and you’re done!

2. It will get you caught up – Our site has a bunch of stuff. If you’ve been out of the loop or on vacation we’ll get you caught up. We’ll recap some of the week’s best PFoL content.

3. Exclusive content – This is where it pays (metaphorically since…it’s free) to sign up. We’ll have content in the newsletter that will not make it to the blog. For example, our own Neal Dewing is going to be writing up a short commentary on the ‘The Harm Principle.’ John Stuart Mill came up with this principle in his work, ‘On Liberty.’ We’ll also clue you in to what PFoL staff are reading up on, outside the political sphere.

In future newsletters we’ll have guests writing for us, videos, interviews and more!

So by this point, you’ve run out of excuses. Go ahead and get signed up!