5 Awesome Videos You Can Watch To Kill Some Time

The Internet is filled with videos made by amateur filmmakers or anybody with a video camera on their phone. Most of them stink. Still, there are some unfamous names who are creating some amazing work and here’s 5 that I found that I thought were excellent. One thing I did notice was those who make time lapse videos love to use the song ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmmer heard towards the end of the movie, ‘Inception.’

City Time Lapse

Landscape Time Lapse

Thad Cochran – Rosalyn

I’m actually familiar with this video as I have seen it before. Directed by Ryan Booth, it featured 5 cameras all shooting simultaneously in one take. All audio is recorded as is. No overdubs or anything.

Next Stop

– NYC is amazing for many reasons. One of which is its people. Here’s a video that focuses on that aspect.

World Wildlife Fund Archive

– This is great because it takes still shots and turned them into a video.