The Headline You’ll Read Twice… At Least


Truth is, indeed, stranger than most fiction.

Every so often, you take the plunge on Twitter, and click on a link that has little explanation in the corresponding tweet. So today, when I clicked on a tweet from the good folks at, I truly expected something sports related. I enjoy their blog. They treat sports reporting with the same level of irreverence that my conservative friends hold for the majority of the main stream political press. And, their blog is fun – I mean, they found Waldo at Super Bowl Media Day!!  So, you can imagine my surprise when, instead of a sports headline, I got this…


I confess. I had to read it twice. It needed some additional punctuation. But, the story that followed is indeed stranger than fiction. I know that flatulence is an issue for couples worldwide, but beating someone to death for it is a little over the top.

His lover Andrew Devere, a male prostitute, gave police a laundry list of reasons for the killing, including that Boyer, a surfer and unemployed chef, constantly put him down, made him beg for drugs and had a habit of breaking wind in his face.

Gratefully, I grabbed the above screen capture on my phone, because by the time I’d gotten back to my laptop to write this post, the air had been let out of the headline. So to speak.


I’m truly not sure why they felt the need to scrub the headline, but I’m sure the editorial conversations that happened leading up to the change were a poot hoot.

The life lesson from this story is that what you do today, and who you do it with, will matter in your future, complicated exponentially by the depth and breadth of access to information (both true and fallacious) on the interwebs. So, choose your friends wisely, and be mindful of your own behavior, so the best they have on you is guilt by association.