The DSCC. Or Hacks Being Hacks.


Let this serve as a cautionary tale to all the hacks and flacks out there in politics:

Try and keep track of the stuff you say so you don’t come off looking like a hack.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) thought they’d taunt Republicans by pushing a story about a “top Republican” saying nice things about Senator Mark Begich (D-AK).

Mark Begich draws praise from a top Alaska Republican #aksen

— DSCC (@dscc) January 16, 2014

cc: @NRSC RT @regan_page: Top Alaska Republican: Mark Begich Has “Done A Great Job” #aksen

— Justin Barasky (@JustinBarasky) January 16, 2014

Next time the @NRSC talks abt Mark Begich, keep in mind what Alaska’s top Republican says abt him #AKSEN

— Justin Barasky (@JustinBarasky) January 16, 2014

The Republican is Don Young. You may or may not know who Don Young is, so I’ll let these very same Democrats – the DSCC – tell you:

SO… I wonder what Linda Lingle, Karl Rove, the NRSC, and all the big GOP backers think of Don Young’s video #HISEN

— Matt Canter (@mattcanter) July 24, 2012

Tonight’s stories include GOP leaders on “wetbacks,” claiming VAWA makes reservations unsafe for men & accusing gays of using nazi tactics

— Guy Cecil (@guycecil) March 29, 2013


The new GOP looks and sounds a lot like the old GOP.

— Guy Cecil (@guycecil) March 29, 2013

And here’s the top Democrat at the DNC:

#Disappointed to see a #GOP member of Congress casually use a hurtful racial slur. They’re going to have to work harder on their #rebrand.

— D Wasserman Schultz (@DWStweets) March 29, 2013


I guess all you need to do to redeem yourself in the eyes of the Democratic Party is to say something nice about a Democrat. Good to know.