Obama Was On Between Two Ferns: Not Outrage Worthy

So the President of the United States appeared on Zach Galifianakis ‘Funny or Die’ show, ‘Between Two Ferns.’

I’ve seen the show before and it is often hilarious. The episodes with Bruce Willis and Sean Penn are particularly funny. (I nearly lost it when he asked Willis how many children he had and followed it up with, “Who’s your favorite, Ashton?”)

However, the freakout I am seeing from some on the right is really ridiculous. Rush Limbaugh railed about Obama “demeaning” the office of the Presidency. Many others were making similar comments on various social media outlets. By the same toke, this usually where concern trolls of all stripes step in and start saying, “We need to be focused! Worry about issues like Obamacare!”

No. We just need to stop being such stuffed shirts.

When conservatives are constant railing about the “liberal elite” and their “Birckenstock-wearing chai-tea latte drinking Prius-driving tofu-eating organic market shopping” selves, but then turn their nose up at the idea of the President appearing on some comedy show, conservatives look like the very elitists they claim to abhor.

If there is anything that was below the dignity of the office, it’s that President Obama went on this show to pathetically attempt to woo younger people into signing for this signature turd, Obamacare. It’s obviously not going as planned if he has to go to these lengths.

As I said previously, this is not a “This is why we lose!” moment I am having here. Such chastisements are silly. That being said, the perception that Republicans are humorless, unfunny wankers is given the spotlight, when they react as they have to something so trivial.

Republicans legitimately need to bring their message to different audiences. It doesn’t mean college age punks are going to riot in getting to polling stations to vote Republican. But what if it reaches one that is normally apathetic about politics? Personally, I’d love to see Ted Cruz go on ‘The Daily Show’ and kick Jon Stewart’s teeth in. Rand Paul has been on ‘The Daily Show’ a couple of times. There should be more of this.

The lines between politics and entertainment have blurred.

Republicans ignore this reality at their own peril.