PocketCast Of Liberty On FTR Radio – Episode 7 – Podcast


The PocketCast of Liberty is back on FTR Radio tonight!


Tonight we are joined by:

From Townhall.com, Kurt Schlichter:


From the Franklin Center For Public Integrity, Lauren Bouton:


We will be discussing the following:

1. Going to get a run down on CPAC from Kurt and Neal who were there. Lauren and I watched some of the speeches and will opine on what we thought. Kurt wrote a piece about CPAC over at Townhall.

2. Ruh-roh – Congressional report says Lois Lerner misled Congress about what she knew about the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

3. San Francisco bar is banning patrons from wearing Google Glass. Apparently, creepers are creeping.

4. GOP wins special election in Florida. Does it mean anything?


And for the mobile/iPad/iPhone users:

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