Want to Drunk Dial Congress? Now You Can!

It’s fair to say that both conservatives and liberals aren’t happy with Congress right now. Heck, if you thought Congress’s approval rating couldn’t get any lower, it’s gone down to a whopping 11%. For some, perhaps this political unrest has led them to kick back a bit more booze than usual — and that pent up frustration and anger has led to the thought “gosh I wish I could give Congress a piece of my mind! Right now!”

Well, now you can. ABC News reports:

Drunkdialcongress.org connects the disgruntled to the House of Representatives. You can enter your phone number into the website and an inebriated voice from a 1-800 number will call you back and ask, “Is this government shutdown making you want to drink?” before transferring to Capitol Hill so that you can “tell them what’s on your mind and tell them to get back to work.”

The site, created by the liberal mobile ad firm, Revolution Messaging, offers talking points like “I can’t watch the panda!” or “Why don’t you make yourself useful and at least mow the lawn?”

For those who need help selecting their form of liquid courage, there are also recipes for drinks like “the bad representative” (three parts liquor, one part lemon juice).

Need something stronger? There’s “the sleepy senator” for those with absinthe lying around.

While the site was made by a liberal firm, there’s nothing stopping conservatives from taking advantage of this indispensable service as well. Put in your number, get connected to a random member of Congress, and have a go!

(Hat tip to Greg Allmain aka @FoolishReporter)