Why Trump’s Gambling Empire Gave up to an Online Blackjack

For numerous people it was difficult just to imagine that the president of the United States can be someone connected with gambling. The 45th and the current head of the third-largest country in the world, Donald Trump, was one of the most influential businessmen in various fields, including gambling. He owned a huge empire of Hotels and Casino Resorts, yet, not everything was so good.

The bright start was in 1982 when New Jersey Casino Control Commission awarded Mr. President with the casino license, which was made up within several hours (that was strange). Opening the Trump Plaza then, it was among the first 10 land-based gambling houses in the area. Yet, in 2014 everything ended with the shut down.

In 1985, there was the opening of Trump Castle, yet, after numerous financial problems, it was sold in 2011. Today, you can find the place calling Golden Nugget already. Trump Taj Mahal was another large casino, which took its story from 1990. And even the performance of Michael Jackpot didn’t help and everything ended in 2016 with the workers on strike.

The Most Famous Blackjack Dealer

The desire to be the best one in everything, guided Donald Trump everywhere. And Atlantic City was a great chance for him to achieve new tops. Owning 2 casino hotels in the city (Trump Plaza and Trump Castle), the developer was under the construction of its third giant – the Taj Mahal.

The trust-rate of public was too shaky, because they (including the investors) considered the actions of the leader to be more like the ones of an ailing company. In November 1987, the man did something totally unexpected. He appeared on the cover of New Jersey Monthly as a Blackjack dealer. The title said he played to win.

Taking himself as the best example, the empire owner finally got what he aimed for. Opening 3 casinos (no more was allowed), he saw both the sharp rise and the terrible fall.

Reasons of the Atlantic City Casinos Era Ending

The Entertainment Resorts of Trump became bankrupt 4 times!!! That happened in 1991, 2004, 2009 and 2014. Initially everything started with the construction of the Taj Mahal and difficulties connected with debts and the fall one year later. In 2004, the future president had to reduce his ownership of the enterprise from 56 to 27 percent.

However, that didn’t prevent from filing for bankruptcy, which, according to their words, was a technical thing. Owing $1.2 billion, the company met another smash-up. At the long last, the part of the ownership became 10% only, leaving no way back. Leaving the market of gambling forever, Trump claimed that none of its projects had never been a bankrupt, the destiny of this one was just shaped.

Why an Online Blackjack Casinos Ousted Traditional Ones?

Nowadays, more and more pace gathers online casinos, leaving behind the traditional land-based ones. That happens due to multiple factors, which are rather natural. Today, people seek for the most convenient ways for everything, including gambling. When there is no need to come out of your home, leave the beloved sofa, etc.

Also, there are no limits on the quantity of people. Thousands of players can join the same game and at the same time, and there won’t be a problem. No need to construct buildings and resorts, pay for the staff and service. Think of potential cheating or fraud.

If there exist multiple casinos in your county (like you live in Vegas, or something), you may have a desire to visit the places. Otherwise, you don’t have to buy air tickets and travel just for gambling, everything is available online under the same conditions and providing the same profits.


We have already mentioned that the best advantage of online gaming is that you don’t have to go to anywhere. Instead, your laptop or personal computer will be a great source of everything. Still, with the modern technologies provided, you can also use your mobile phone or tablet for playing Blackjack and other casino games online.

Each site offers its desktop and mobile versions, which are available anytime and anywhere. Anyway, check some points before the participation. First, make sure your country is allowed, because sometimes there is no license for some areas. Another obligatory factor is a good Internet connection (whether it is Wi-Fi, enable cellular data, etc.).


When you have no experience in gambling, it can be a little bit awkward for you to visit the classic casinos. Not knowing the variety of games, their rules, specialties and conditions. Usually, there has to be someone with you, who will guide you through the place, showing everything and helping to get acquainted with the atmosphere.

Instead, the virtual casinos offer the user-friendly interface and simple manuals for their visitors. Everything is got instinctively, calling no problems for you. Entering various sections, you can read the rules and terms, find out some tricks and strategies, check the return-to-player data, licenses and anti-virus protections.


No ordinary casino will offer you such a thing. Blackjack online gambling houses present numerous bonuses for their users, making their pastime more fun and profitable. The thing is that you can get bounties for just being a newbie, or, vice versa, for your regular investments. Also, there exist some Loyalty Programs for experienced players.

Thus, you can get such privileges as No Deposit, SignUp, Welcome Package, High Roller, Daily, Monthly, Refer-a-Friend, Special Occasion, and numerous other alternatives. Getting the chargeless credits, you should also remember that the wagering requirements come next. This thing is totally natural for all sites, no matter which you pick.

You just form an account and become a real money participant, having all rights for making deposits and placing stakes. After that, you activate the desired promotion, get the reward, and use it for playing Blackjack. Rolling over the bonus money, you can already redeem the gains and complete the session of your gambling just like that.