All about Betting in Canada: Laws and Legal Forms

This review for Canadians is all about legacy in gaming! Yeah, it sounds interesting. Not everyone is as thrilled with us, however. Why so? But let us show our point.

Like in every, in a Canada’s gambling society, a law reflects the norms of 5 gaming communities. This is what according to us is fair and good.

Betting in Canada

Also gambling laws change with the change in the norms. As according to the official study for 2016-2018, the Canada’s entertainment industry generates $9 billion in a year and supports 135,000 full time jobs now.

To balance the harm done by dishonest play houses or gamblers against an operator or the society at large, people resorted to the strategic of punishment resulted into the Criminal Code.

Before we haven’t gone too far, let’s think of people who are supposed to be interested in disclosure of the legal betting forms, letting alone the fact that they are likely to be Canadians. As the Criminal Code regulates the casino players behaviour, he or she should be of 19 years old and of 18 if the individual is from Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, plus be interested in betting, racing, sports, playing slots, table and card entertainments.

Criminal Code Explained

You maybe wanna just to get a definition of the Gambling Code? And that’s how we want to continue our review.

This is the juridical document which Part 7 called “Disorderly Houses, Gaming and Betting” comprises descriptions of acts, illegal in our country. Since 1892, the document has been moderated a few times, in 1985, then in 1969.

As the government had failure to make all gaming activities legal, it lies heavy on the website operators conscience. So with that if a casino doesn’t have a license or the provincial government owner, it is the case of prosecution, which went all over the country in 2013 and brought million losses.

After games’ of chance swindle, lotteries offenses, illegal stakes’ making experience, and not only, if any makes a mistake or whatever… There is a Criminal code comprising illegal offenses like some listed below:

  • Section 202: pool-selling, illegal betting, book-making deals
  • Section 209: cheating with an intent to defraud the bettor or house

If one did something like that a gambler or an operator might be deprived of liberty for not less than 14 days or for up to 2 years depending on irregularity.

When the Code starts acting, it was exciting ’cause things are actually happening legally, thus fair’.

Legal Forms of Betting In 5 Main Canadian Provinces

The country with an area of 9,984,670 km2 and a population of 37,067,011 agreed to divide regulations between 5 provinces, each would have its own set of laws to make sure what is happening in gambling is made through a legal procedure.

We feel like you need a preview. We don’t know, maybe get familiar with Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Alberta’s laws? We thought we would share their brief reviews with you and let you in on some of the options and facts.


Legal forms of betting

Speaking about the legal forms of playing, Ontario citizens admit that people can’t help but play once in a lifetime. The men and women can try it once, two times a month or every day and they can be sure of the legacy of at least 5 activities:

  1. casinos
  2. charitable gaming
  3. sports betting
  4. horse racing
  5. slot machines


Quebec players were also quick to jump to the things. The games of chance have been legal since 1970 there. And 7 forms of playing, which are horse racing, casinos, sports betting, lottery, online gambling, bingo and charitable gaming, video lottery terminal, can legally provide Ontario a competition!

But what makes the province special is just how selective it is. Whether it always makes the perfect decisions, people from French-speaking province should decide for themselves. Yes, we’re talking about blocking online gaming websites which have been occurred recently.

Nova Scotia

From VLTs and charitable gaming to sports, horse racing and betting, online gambling and casinos, Nova Scotia has plenty of must-see legal gaming activities. After appearance of 2,700 VLTs, 3 racing tracks the people have become known not only for agriculture or fishing!

British Columbia

And since announcing the British Columbia expected their citizens playing legally three decades ago, the government has prepared documents for legal play at their casinos with horse racing, lottery, again popular sports betting, charitable and, of course, online gambling entertainments. However, there is only one website PlayNow which is legitimate.


As we can see, Alberta isn’t alone in the eagerness to provide all of gambling activities to the people, because the revenue totals 4% of the budget. However, the money comes from problem horse racing, lottery, online gambling, VLTs, charitable gaming and casinos gamblers, and their families and friends aren’t probably just as excited. We revealed that over 25 gambling houses have been functioning by now.

Exceptions for Kahnawake Mohawk Nation

Interestingly, Kahnawake Mohawk Nation Commission – the exception to the general code. It has been regulating and licensing their own casino websites since July, 1999, legally.

Political Betting in Canada

Political betting in Canada

Getting back to the Canada government policy, it is closely related gambling though the latter refused to accept it “de jure”, gambling communities left the place for it in their circles, and long time ago.

All of a sudden there has been discovered a document providing evidence of merchants betting in 1553. It related to the succession of King Edward VI who was then dying. Later on, general punts to very specific wagers types took place. And we could tell it’s become too real but no less exciting. It’s safe to say the political betting is going to be fun and legal.