Gambling Donations to Aussi Political Parties

Have you done big donations in the gambling lobby? We’re going to give Australians a sneak peek of the current contributions’ amounts in line with the stats regarding the gambling, corruption issues in the article. And it looks like politicians drew money from gamblers.

The facts show it may be the same interest of casino operators and running political parties, however, the recent gambling developments in the country demonstrates the lowering of players’ stakes, forcing the interested people to head down new tactics to work on the governments.

We are no longer hiding their names and real sums. Our researchers revealed what companies are involved and how much money they already invested. So, no favorite parties, read about each below.

Who & How Many?

At least 9 bodies have been spotted making contributions in especially big amounts. As has become customary for companies such as Bet365, Echo Entertainment, Crown, Wagering Council, Tabcorp, Sportsbet, Clubs NSW, Responsible Wagering, Hotel Association, altogether the top Australian enterprises have donated to the Federal ALP over 330 thousand dollars within the previous year.
That sum is far less from $24 billion gambling loss occuring every year in the country. As we know about $1,000 loss per person, the worst result in the whole world of online gambling belongs to Australia. We feel like the citizens are much more sensitive—in the way, and we ask for your attention to the problem.

Donations: to Be or Not to Be Prohibited?

Under the recent information on donations, this industry proved once again it drives “shady money” in politics. Let’s take the experts’ word for it as there isn’t much talk of such a soft money like every year. Because they’re not expected to have favorites. Though many politicians have been speaking out on this issue because of such donates as made by Woolworths to Coalition parties and Labor in the sizes – $54,675, $16,500 respectively.

People never thought they were going to say that, but they said it: they think we should be done with such donors. They and we do appreciate an idea of helping people, but the politics in line with gambling, tobacco organizations put a false color on charity. So we wish someone have told us that everything is going to be ok and without compensation, but nobody did. More and more people keep to the policy – such a practice has a bad impact on Australians’ lives.