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Ready For Chillary!

By on Jul 20, 2015 | 0 comments

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So Hillary is trying to reach out to younger voters and in a recent Vine talked about how she was “chilling” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

It was lame of course and on the advice of Amy Otto, I spruced it up and here it is:


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By day, Jay is a supply chain analyst for a company in the Atlanta area. He lives in Canton, GA with his wife Sylvia, their two teenagers, Michael and Ally and their idiotic dog, Lucky. Jay has been following politics closely since 1992 when he was a moderate Democrat. It was Bill Clinton’s lie about a middle class tax cut that pushed Jay over the edge to conservatism and celebrated when the GOP gained control of Congress entirely in November 1994. Jay also loves photography. You can see that work at Caruso Photography.


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