Additional Voting Machines in Maryland Switching GOP Votes To Democrat

Voting machine “calibration issues” pop up in Maryland… again.  For the second time in one week Maryland Elections officials are reporting they’ve received an additional 25 reports of machines flipping votes.  Color me shocked.

Maryland elections officials say they’ve gotten 25 reports of machines flipping votes Tuesday.

But an elections board spokeswoman says none of the flipped ballots were cast. That’s because voters can look at a preview screen of what they’ve chosen before they actually vote.

Spokeswoman Nikki Charlson says the malfunctioning machines have been taken out of service. She says they represent a small fraction of more than 16,000 voting units at 1,800 precincts, and that voting overall was going smoothly in Maryland.

Also Tuesday, four poll workers at a Baltimore County precinct did not show up on Tuesday, leaving just six of 20 voting machines up and running when the polls opened. Charlson says all 20 machines came online not long after that and that the situation didn’t cause long lines.

Maryland’s abundance of voting machine issues are not the only one’s plaguing the midterms.  Chicago and North Carolina have also had a few “calibration issues” of their own, as well as D.C., where lap tops with voters information were stolen.  Over in New Mexico, a man trying to cast a ballot was told he already voted, which was news to him.  But, you know, voter fraud is just a myth.