Rockland County New York Board of Elections Offering Residents Chance To “Re-Vote

Another day, another opportunity for voter fraud presents itself during an election cycle.

Earlier this week we were alerted to “calibration errors” that just happen to change Republican votes to Democrat in two states (so far), and now this.  The Rockland County New York Board of Elections sent a letter to residents stating that the General Election Ballot had a typo, and although it “will NOT affect your vote if you have already returned your voted ballot.  However, you may choose to re-vote on a corrected ballot provided.”

Seems innocuous enough, however when contacted about whether the duplicate ballots will be destroyed or discounted, the Rockland County BOE wasn’t sure.  That seems like something they should be absolutely clear on, no? One person, one vote. Period.

Considering the fact the typo was a misspelling of the Lt. Governor’s name, it makes me wonder how many more counties in New York sent out these letters.