PFoL – One Year Old Today

Time flies when you’re having fun. A year ago today this blog launched. Skyler Mann kicked things off with ‘Civil Liberties Should Unite Us.’

We started out with a simple formula of a single post per day. Slowly we added more content and today we’ll write about anything from politics to sports, movies and wine.

We’ve had some growing pains. When you put 7-10 different personalities together that’s bound to happen.

People have come and gone. Of those who were here a year ago, five remain. Yours truly, Amy Otto, Neal Dewing,  Mike Peters and Skyler Mann.

I can’t say enough about the great work that everybody on this team has done. I’m blown away week after week of the quality writing our team produces.

I also want to say thanks to you, the readers. All of the shares, comments, links and emails (even the negative ones) have meant so much to the growth of this blog’s audience. It may sound cliche, but we really could not have done it without you.

So help us celebrate! Go read this post then take a photo of yourself raising a glass, bottle, mug…..whatever. Tweet it out or share it on our Facebook page.

Thanks again and here’s to another great year!