A Year At PFoL

My, my, it’s been an entire year since we launched this blog, and in the process, Jay convinced me to shirk my natural, lazy inclination. A look back is in order.

We launched as a “conservatarian” site, an attempt to find common ground between libertarians and conservatives after the somewhat rancorous 2012 election season. A lot of sensibilities were offended, and have gone on being offended – we weren’t started with the intent to powder anyone’s chapped bottom.

As a site, we don’t generally take a hard editorial stance as we have a rather unmanageable miscreant band of individual contributors. Our writers run the gamut: from doctrinaire libertarians who predictably conflate liberty with all manner of depraved permissiveness; to social conservatives whose blackened, bigoted hearts keep beating only at the prospect of preserving oppressive tradition; to fiscal conservative robots who would really rather just stick to soulless numbers and graphs; to those whose mutable political principles are subordinate to a desire to win and shame the Left. As with any political persona, each contributor exists on a spectrum from right to left.

We think it gives us an interesting perspective and allows us to start conversations that might annoy you one day but have you nodding in agreement the next. In fact, if you find you really have something to say you might be able to contribute.

Over the last year, we’ve branched out from the original one-post-per-day format, to explore different forms of content. Some of these have been fun, some have been internet-trendy. As part of this expansion we began podcasting and doing live internet radio, which has given us the opportunity to chat with intelligent and engaging people about the issues of the day.

Oh, we also sold t-shirts that one time. They were great shirts. You might have seen us tweet about them. In fact, we’re selling some again but it won’t be as hard a sell – take a look here.

As we begin our second year, we’re heading into the 2014 midterms. These elections will give conservatives and libertarians another opportunity to work together and roll back our intolerably intrusive government.

It seems America has begun to take notice of the failed promises of our progressive overlords.

If we at Pocket Full of Liberty can contribute in some small way to that realization, we will. It won’t be a smooth ride, and no doubt we’ll continue to bother some of you. So be it, as long as we ultimately stand together on the side of liberty.