Obama’s Poll Numbers Cratering


If you listen closely, that whining sound you hear isn’t just the Left complaining Republicans aren’t cheerleading ObamaCare hard enough. It’s the sound of Obama’s poll numbers careening downward.


The President’s approval numbers have been dropping steadily since the summer started. But take notice of the sudden spike upward in disapproval starting around October 1. That’s when ObamaCare was rolled out.

That chart is why Democrats are panicking. They’re attempting to try and put a brave face on it. But behind closed doors they’re running around palms up trying to figure out a way out of this mess they created for themselves and the country.

They rammed a massive restructuring of the health care industry through on a 100% party line vote and now they’re looking for scapegoats. In the last month and a half they’ve accused Republicans of sabotaging the website and the law itself. They’ve callously called people complaining about losing the insurance they liked liars. They’ve blamed government procurement processes for making it harder to implement the website when they had three years to get it right.

They’ve got nothing.

Last week, in an effort to appease the base, Harry Reid nuked the Senate. This weekend, Obama announced a “deal” with Iran on their nuclear program. Many have noted that the deal seemed rushed, presumably because the President badly needed a “win” in the PR department. Things are bad in DemocratLand. And they’re getting worse.

A recent CNN poll is nothing but bad news for Obama. Here are some highlights:

– Asked if Obama is a strong and decisive leader, 53% said No. (46% said Yes.)

– Asked if Obama inspires confidence, 56% said No. (44% said Yes.)

– Can Obama managed the country effectively? 60% said No. (40% said Yes. – Who are these people?)

– Does Obama generally agree with you on issues you care about? 56% said No. (44% said Yes.)

– Do you admire Obama? 56% said No. (44% said Yes.)

This is an amazing turnaround in public opinion. Obama literally won re-election on the power of his personality and the fact that people liked him more than Mitt Romney. In almost every other aspect, people thought Romney was a more competent leader. Team Obama was able to paint him as an evil and out of touch plutocrat.

Buyer’s remorse has set in. Big Time. It’s made worse by the fact that regardless of what people thought about Romney personally, one thing that every could agree on was that he had a track record of managing things successfully. And I suspect that people are now seeing that is exactly what the country needs and isn’t getting with this administration.

Personality can only mask incompetence for so long. 

Another recent poll indicated that if the election were held today, Romney would win. Yes, it’s a hypothetical and that always gets discounted vs people actually casting ballots, but the point here is the fact that the public has soured on Obama, to put it mildly. He’s losing support within the various groups his re-election team was able to cobble together to win enough votes.

  • Obama won women in 2012 by 11 points, according to exit polls; today he leads by one point.
  • He has seen his lead among young voters (18-39 years old) drop from 18 percent to 2 percent.
  • His four-point lead among those with less than a college degree has flipped to a nine-point deficit.
  • Among those making less than $50,000, Obama’s 22-point lead is now three points.
  • The biggest drop is among those professing to have no religion. While this group backed Obama by 44 points, it now supports him by a 22-point margin.
  • Among liberals, Obama won by 75 points but now leads by 59 percent. One in five self-described liberals (20 percent) say they would vote for Romney.

What does this all mean?

It means Obama and ObamaCare have become toxic. It means that a window of opportunity has opened up for the conservative movement. It means the country is giving some major side-eye to the type of Big Government liberalism that Obama and the modern-day Democrats represent.

It means there’s still hope we can right this ship before America becomes just another failing statist country like those in Europe and elsewhere.