Obama: People Would Know How Great Obamacare Was If Not For Fox News

People don’t like Obamacare. It’s not working well. The polling for it is in the toilet. People are losing their plans. Their premiums are rising.

The law is a cluster. Yet President Obama wants to pretend that everything is going swimmingly and that it’s all just a bunch of misinformation that people are exposed to.

In his latest little whine-fest, the President takes to blaming — who else? — Fox News for the fact that the law is unpopular and that in reality people really are hugging copies of the legislation because it’s so awesome-sauce.


President Obama lives in a fantasy world. When something is bad, he pretends for as long as possible that it is not a problem. hoping it will go away. We saw this with ISIS. When something does go wrong, he acts like it is not big deal. President Obama calling ISIS the “JV team” was an example of that and the administration’s blase response to somebody in the United States being diagnosed with ebola has been treated with the same “Oh it’s no big deal” attitude.

This is a case where the President wants people to believe that his failed health care plan is working wonderfully and the only reason people don’t believe it to be so is because of Fox News.

Don’t let him fool you. It’s bad. And the individual mandate still hasn’t kicked in.

Good times.