Top Spender This Election Cycle? Not The Koch Brothers. It’s Harry Reid

Despite all of the sanctimony. Despite taking to the Senate floor to call two men who have done more for this country than Reid ever has, “un-American” and despite his attempts to gut the first amendment, there has never been much pushback from the media on his claims that Charles and David Koch are using their fortune to “buy democracy.”

This is not surprising. The Koch Brothers have become enemy number one to Democrats and the media, for the most part, is happy to play along just reporting whatever Democrats say like stenographers instead of actually investigating their claims.

Every once in awhile, the media accidentally reports the actual truth and in this case, the top spending PAC this election cycle so far, by far, is Harry Reid’s own Senate Majority PAC. In fact, no PAC associated with the Koch brothers is even in the top 5. Here is Joe Scarborough talking about it earlier this morning:

I don’t expect much to change. Reid will continue to assail Charles & David Koch and the media for the most part, will continue to regurgitate what he says without questioning it.

At least those of us willing to pay attention know the actual truth.

You can listen to the original NPR report here.